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The high quality of our products is well known.

We have many products and we want to present you some.

Firstly we´ve got a fridge wich can send a mail to a supermarket when a product is empty- the supermarkt will bring you these product(s) to your home and put frome the outside of the house into the fridge.

Secundly we´ve got a note book with wich you can manage the house, like swich the light off or begin cooking, close the doors,shut the windows, turn on the radio or tv.

Thirdly we invented a soft ware who make your house save and will call automaticly the police. 

25.10.06 12:25

the first one

The wash machine satisfaction junior is one of our best sellers.the function of this powerful machine is that it can do 2 things in one time. These functions are to wash and dry  .

These wonderful machine will cost you 1. 345 EURO


20.10.06 12:43

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