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Satisfaction  is the new  of our company. The washing mashine with many new options will be the dream of many, desperate  houswives and singles without time.  Firstly you put your clothes int the mashine press start button and  then all your work is done. The next step consists of washing, drying and iron the clothes. During this time you have many  possibilities in your free-time.This miricale mashine will cost 1499$.

In addition to that we will have a satisfaction day especially for you, our costomers. From the date 12.09 - 14.09.2006 your welcome in our factories. At this time you will have some time for testing our mashines, also we serve all your wishes and we are ready for answers questions.

we got a 2.1 by "Stiftung-Warentest". If you write  a comment in our gastbook we will answer you fast as possible via E-mail.

Satiscation is our aim

20.10.06 12:36

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