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  1. Satisfaction junior      1.345 EURO            buy
  2. Satisfac tion NEW!       1.555 EURO          buy
  3. Wonder-Wash            999   EURO            buy
  4. Whater dream            956   EURO            buy
  5. Öko-Wash                 1.989 EURO           buy       
  6. Note- book                 3.700EURO            buy
  7. Wonder fridge             5.999 EURO          buy
  8. funitures                    22.222 EURO         buy
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  1. Satisfaction junior      1.345 EURO              buy
  2. Satisfac tion NEW!       1.555 EURO            buy
  3. Wonder-Wash            999   EURO              buy
  4. Whater dream            956   EURO            buy
  5. Öko-Wash                 1.989 EURO       buy       
  6. Note- book                 3.700EURO             buy
  7. Wonder fridge             5.999 EURO          buy
  8. funitures                    22.222 EURO         buy
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we are


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                    Problems, ideas and suggestions

If there are any problems with our products or you want to mail us new ideas for new products, then please call us or write an e-Mail.

e-Mail: ymsf@hotmail

telephone: 02222/123456

adresse: Brunnenallee 15, 53332 Bornheim, Germany

26.10.06 20:07

 Our products

The high quality of our products is well known.

We have many products and we want to present you some.

Firstly we´ve got a fridge wich can send a mail to a supermarket when a product is empty- the supermarkt will bring you these product(s) to your home and put frome the outside of the house into the fridge.

Secundly we´ve got a note book with wich you can manage the house, like swich the light off or begin cooking, close the doors,shut the windows, turn on the radio or tv.

Thirdly we invented a soft ware who make your house save and will call automaticly the police. 

25.10.06 12:25

About us

company: Y.M.S.F

founded: 2001

company office: Bornheim, Germany

manegment: Yasmin Schüssler, Magalie Nelles, Svea Kunz, Firdos Köse

                        The Company 

The company "Y.M.S.F" exist until 2001, the letters stands for the managment, the four founders of our company.Our managment is and in the same age like the target groupe who buy the products.

We are a special company, because satisfaction of our costomers is our main aim. We know were the problems are and try to make the life of our customers better and easier.

We are not the biggest company but we care about our customers! 

25.10.06 12:04

the first one

The wash machine satisfaction junior is one of our best sellers.the function of this powerful machine is that it can do 2 things in one time. These functions are to wash and dry  .

These wonderful machine will cost you 1. 345 EURO


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